We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

• Health and Human rights Campaigns

Every year we will conduct awareness campaigns on health and human rights in rural areas of Rudravaram and Sirivella Mandals with the participation of local community members. Generate awareness on mental and personal health.

• Environmental awareness campaigns

Every year in the month April and May our volunteers will conduct Environment awareness campaigns in the local communities of rural villages in Kurnool district, They will plant twigs and do rallies in rural villages to enhance their knowledge on the environment.


We have done child education program with the help of NCT India. We have supplied study materials and toys for the primary school children in Yellavathula village of Rudravaram mandal in Kurnool district.

We are running a special training centre in tailoring for poor women in Mahadevapuram village of Sirivella Mandal In Kurnool district.

We have distributed cattle for income generation of 40 poor women in Govindapalle village of Sirivella mandal in Kurnool district.

completed projects

1.Toys making program for poor women

2.Income generation Programs Mandal

3.Livestock rearing program


We have distributed food grains and safety materials for 500 families in Rudravaram of Kurnool district


1) Literacy India Trust (LTI) at two spells by undertaking Adult literacy into Dalith villages.

2) Earthen brick kiln units for extending income generation to 15 families with the support of Presbyterian
church, USA.

3) Dairy / Animal husbandry development for 10 poorest Dalit Women in Parnaplli village with the support
of one percent development fund, Italy.

4) Dairy / Animal husbandry development for 35 poorest Dalit Women in Korthamaddi village with the
support of Global Compassion Inc, USA.

5) Construction of sanitary latrine in local schools with the support of OTF, USA.

6) Basket making / weaving vocational training with the support of Zada THREE, USA.